CoDriver – Driver Monitoring

CoDriver is an innovative camera-based driver monitoring solution from Jungo. Based on state-of-the-art deep learning, machine learning and computer vision algorithms, CoDriver helps automotive OEMs produce safer cars by reducing crashes caused by distracted or drowsy drivers, and helps semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles gain better understanding of the drivers, towards achieving safer self-driving cars.

WinDriver – PCI/USB Device Driver Development Tool

The WinDriver™ device driver development tool supports any device, regardless of its silicon vendor, and enables you to focus on your driver’s added-value functionality, instead of on the operating system internals.

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  • I highly recommend the WinDriver USB/PCI Driver Development Toolkit. Instead of driver development time taking months, the toolkit allowed us to complete our USB driver in weeks. Another plus was WinDriver doing all the “under the hood” Kernel Mode driver implementation and us implementing a User Mode interface to WinDriver.

    Jeff Symbol
    Software Engineer | Synrad, Inc.
  • When I found the Jungo Tools I initially looked at the online video showing how to drive the kit. When I tried out the real software I was amazed that within ten minutes I had my first driver working and could interact with my custom FPGA-based board.

    Martin Kellermann
    Staff Strategic Application Engineer| Xilinx
  • Usually, if a problem occurs during the development process, you don’t know whether it’s in the firmware – or even in the hardware – or in the software on the PC, WinDriver helped enormously to avoid such problems.

    Jörg Wipfler
    Head of R&D | Inomed
  • Our alternative to using WinDriver was to build a traditional OS specific driver for each storage interface HBA we wanted to support. This created a “m x n” problem of the number of unique drivers we would have to create and support. As a cost savings move, BSI used WinDriver to reduce the “m x n” to “n”.

    Terry Spear​
    CTO |​ ​Breakthrough Systems​
  • When we tried Jungo’s WinDriver, we were immediately pleased with what they had to offer. Using only the evaluation version, we found that none of the limitations of the competing tool that we were faced with, applied to Jungo’s WinDriver. After only three days of development, we had a working driver and a kernel plug in for interrupts.

    Dave Hedstrom
    Senior Software Engineer | BittWare
  • This is not the first time we are using Jungo’s tools to develop drivers for our innovative products. We already had excellent experiences with WinDriver for other Operating Systems before using WinDriver for Windows CE. We did try developing a driver ourselves but after finding Jungo’s solution on the web, it was only natural for us to choose this easy-to-use toolkit.

    Erik van Egeraat
    Technical Consultant | Chess Wise BV

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