• Crossing the Chasm between the Service Provider Network and the Home Network

    The core network of a Service Provider is carefully built, managed and monitored. This is done to ensure a high level of service to customers. Home networks, on the other hand, are built ad-hoc by users who are (sometimes) way over their heads. The complexity of home networks is further exacerbated by the wide range of home networking technologies available these days, a different combination of which appears to be in use in every single home….

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    • Q&A: Interoperability in the Connected Home

      Rami Amit, Jungo’s CTO discusses the future of the connected home. What exactly is the nature of the challenge facing service providers when looking at the connected home and the myriad devices and standards that operate within it. Does the playing field change with digital TV receivers, set-top boxes, PVRs, HDTV, next generation DVD, game consoles and digital media players? How? Which initiatives enable interoperability and collaboration between devices? Rami will also address the role of Jungo and its vision for the connected home.

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      • Coming Up in 2012…

        Join us for two interesting events: At the SCTE – Digital Home Symposium, Bram Verberg, Jungo’s system architect will be speaking about the digital home frontier. At the EuroSummit 2012, Eran Rom, Jungo’s CEO will partake in “The Content Revolution: Are You A Part of It?.  

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        • Jungo’s CEO Talking About the Connected Home at TIA 2012 (video)

          Eran Rom, Jungo’s CEO, talking about the future of the connected home and Jungo’s product vision at TIA 2012.

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          • The case of the invisible root cause: Satellite service providers and customer support calls

            This is the second blog post in a series looking at the reasons service provider customers make support calls. Our first post was about the top 10 reasons customers make support calls. This time we will take a close look at satellite operators, which have unique characteristics as well as a history of later adoption of TR-069 into the customer CPE.

            The top five customer complaints, accounting for 60-70% of customer service calls, are discussed in the post as well as how using TR-069 and Jungo’s Panorama can reduce those calls and help satellite operators control costs.

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            • Using OpenRG in Poland’s Connected Homes

              COriginally an unbundled local loop provider, Netia is Poland’s largest alternative provider of fixed line communications, and holds approximately one-eighth of both the voice market and the broadband services market with almost a million broadband connections. In 2011 it had strategically invested in aggressive growth of its broadband services reach, and began offering triple-play and TV to its newly acquired broadband subscribers. Netia’s services include FON’s WiFi community, IPTV, Home Networking such as File and Print Servers, DLNA and more.

              As part of its strategy to offer leading broadband services, Netia decided to launch a gateway to rollout ADSL connectivity and digital content to hundreds of thousands of subscribers in one of the largest and most dynamic digital markets in Eastern Europe.

              With the flexibility offered by OpenRG, Netia is now quick to respond to changing market conditions and can easily introduce new services that are not available elsewhere, while keeping its service introduction and support costs low.

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              • Top 10 reasons for customer support calls, and how service providers can reduce them


                As the main point of contact between service providers and their customers, call center operations are key to operator success. On the customer side, the less calls, the better the service is perceived.
                On the Service Provider side, the less calls and truck rolls, the lower the cost of service.

                Rather than developing a theory on why broadband customers call support and then offering operators a product-based remote management and CSR application to reduce support calls, Jungo decided to validate its product vision in a real life situation. We conducted a trial with a major European tier-one broadband operator to check why customers call, and then tested whether our solution reduces those calls and their duration.

                The trial measured the following:

                - Number of support calls per root cause, so the top reasons to call will be easily identifiable

                - Support call length, and

                - Truck rolls

                Subscribers were provided a broadband service gateway with Jungo’s software, and Jungo’s self-help capabilities. Call center representatives used Jungo’s TR-069 remote management software and customer service application, Panorama, to treat calls and resolve customer issues.

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