Jungo Logo Usage Guidelines

Before using the Jungo logo, please read the following guidelines:

The Jungo logo is made up of the following elements:

  • The Jungo name
  • The purple, green and gray box above the Jungo name
  • The ® (registered) symbol

The Jungo logo colors are as follows:

  • The Jungo name and slogan are black
  • The left side of the cube and the first square following the slogan are purple – Pantone 2583
  • The right side of the cube and the second square following the slogan are green – Pantone 382
  • The center cube is gray – Panton 408

The Jungo logo can only appear on a plain white background or on plain Pantone 123. 

The Jungo logo must have a clear margin of 1cm or the height of the letter “O” in Jungo (whichever is greater) on all four sides. 


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