OpenRG – Residential Gateway Software

    Software for Today’s Most Advanced Gateways

    Deployed on one-in-four of the world’s residential gateways, OpenRG is the world’s most widely deployed residential gateway software. It is built on Jungo’s extensive experience and technology leadership in the home broadband arena, and has been chosen by the world’s top service providers and CPE vendors. OpenRG enables multiple services including voice, data, IPTV, media distribution, access control and more. It can be upgraded remotely on existing gateways, so that new services can be introduced without requiring hardware changes.

    OpenRG is deployed successfully on a wide variety of hardware platforms, network processors and chipsets. With OpenRG’s hardware agnostic approach, service providers gain full flexibility in hardware selection while maintaining one easy-to-manage software base across all platforms and a capacity for rapid service introduction. Jungo’s residential gateway software enables the implementation of unified software on different devices, creating a consistent experience for all end users and maximal use of the service provider’s investment in gateway development.

    Using OpenRG, service providers can:

    • Enrich their gateway capabilities through modular upgrades without replacing the gateway hardware
    • Reduce time to market and development costs by using the same software base across all gateways and access technologies including DSL, cable, fiber, and cellular
    • Offer connected home services such as remote home media access, parental controls, and public Wi-Fi home hotspots, leveraging the gateway’s unique capabilities as the heart of the digital home
    • Reduce support costs and enhance user experience by getting extended digital home management capabilities

    Jungo’s OpenRG SDK and professional services let service providers and CPE vendors customize their offering and deploy innovative services.

    “Jungo always shows a very high level of technical know-how and a very, extremely professional approach to project management always delivering on the milestones that had been promised.”

    Luis Lopez | COO | Zon

    “I’m actually very happy with the software delivered. Provisioning of the customers is really seamless.”

    Piotr Nesterowicz | COO | Netia

    OpenRG is hardware independent, fully customizable software that enables service providers and CPE vendors to rapidly launch advanced residential and SOHO gateways incorporating latest technologies over any access network.

    • Robust, high quality software: Based on Jungo’s technology leadership and real-world experience with the world’s top service providers, deployed in over 40 million gateways globally
    • Hardware agnostic: Works on most hardware devices, supports all network access technologies, and provides full flexibility in hardware selection
    • Modular architecture: Easy to customize to service providers’ specific requirements and to accelerate innovation by extending existing software with additional capabilities
    • Single streamlined software environment: Unified software for the entire installed base shortens time-to-market, development requirements, integration and maintenance
    • Extending hardware lifetime: Remote software upgrades allow service enhancements with no hardware replacement


    • Supports multiple broadband access technologies – DSL, cable, fiber and cellular
    • Multi-WAN support including automatic fallback to a second network in case the main network is down
    • Supports multiple networking interfaces and technologies including Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi 802.11 a//b/g/n, HomePNA and MoCA
    • Wireless: multi-SSID and concurrent dual band support
    • IPv6 dual stack router functionality


    • Advanced VoIP and home PBX capabilities
    • Support for SIP, PacketCable™ 1.5


    • IPTV support
    • Media Sharing: DLNA 1.5 certified Digital Media Server
    • DLNA Proxy support and integration with cloud-based services

    Networking Services

    • File server, print server
    • Parental controls
    • Public Wi-Fi – turn the residential gateway into a hotspot; integrated with FON

    Performance and Security

    • Layer 1-7 QoS
    • Packet acceleration: providing software acceleration on top of hardware acceleration
    • Corporate level firewall
    • VPN


    • Supports TR-069, SNMP and proprietary protocols
    • Local Web-based management
    • Modular upgrade support: enrich the gateway capabilities without needing to upgrade the entire firmware
    • Self installation and support tools