Panorama – Connected Home Management

    The Whole Home Remote Management System

    The rise of the digital home has raised the device/service management bar. Customers expect their connected devices – gaming consoles, printers, smartphones – to simply work. Service providers need to manage home networks with remote management software that deals with the connected home as a whole, on its services, applications and devices.

    Jungo’s Panorama is a TR-069 based remote management system containing a market leading customer support representative (CSR) application . Panorama lets service providers manage the digital home in its entirety, with management capabilities that go beyond common ACS systems.

    Managing millions of devices, Panorama gives service providers the tools they need to control gateways, set-top boxes, and other CPE types as well as broadband voice, data and video services. The result is better customer service and operational excellence, reducing costs and churn and extending the service providers’ visibility into the subscriber experience.

    Rather than browsing through device data models with hundreds of parameters, Panorama’s CSR application presents customer support representatives with meaningful data. It aids CSRs in identifying and resolving problems, based on the real-life experience of both NDS and Jungo. Panorama supports a flexible portlet-based GUI, and provides the choice of solving problems using a top-down approach that lets CSRs zoom-in on the issue or a structured predefined problem solving approach.

    Together with OpenRG gateway software or NDS MediaHighway set-top box middleware the functionality of Panorama extends beyond the standard TR-069 data model, enabling better and faster fault discovery, analysis and resolution.

    • Manages multiple types of devices including gateways and set-top boxes
    • Extends CSR visibility and enables management of the digital home as a whole
    • Reduces support costs both in volume and duration, as well as the number of truck rolls
    • Highly usable, modular and customizable portlet-based user interface
    • Based on real-life support scenarios
    • Simplifies device configuration, remote management and service activation
    • Customer support representative can “see” other devices that are connected to the gateway or STB regardless of whether they are TR-069 enabled or not
    • Open and extendible business logic to address service providers’ specific needs
    • Extensive management capabilities including flexible monitoring tools and cross device analysis
    • Full TR-069, supports standard and proprietary data models
    • TR-098, TR-181 for gateway functionality, TR-135 for STBs, TR-104 for voice and more
    • Supports SNMP and proprietary management protocols
    • Integration with OSS/BSS, NOC and AAA
    • Smart, fast response mechanism, capable of proactive data collection
    • All layers deployable as N+1 cluster
    • Near-linear scalability to millions of households and tens of millions of devices
    • Powerful tools (workflow engine, rule engine) for customization of business logic
    • Comprehensive North Bound Interfaces (NBI), easy integration to BSS/OSS
    • Three tier architecture, with support for network zoning
    • Powerful user roles and permissions model

    Panorama provides useful information and tools to multiple groups within the service provider organization and is linked to higher customer and a significant reduction in support costs, cutting service calls in volume and duration as well as reducing truck rolls.

    • For Customer Service Centers Panorama offers an Intuitive top-down view, comprehensive information on the user environment, root cause analysis and a customizable interface
    • Operations teams can efficiently deploy equipment while minimizing operational costs and avoiding customer involvement, define workflows and schedule batch operations, maintenance, configuration and mass management of CPE
    • NOC Teams use Panorama to check network availability and stability
    • Marketing teams use Panorama to secure a broad range of information and statistics