Rainbow – Application Framework

    Application Framework for Gateway-integrated Services

    Jungo’s Rainbow is an application framework that serves as a platform for gateway-integrated services. Using Rainbow, service providers can modify gateway services on the fly, deploy and support unified applications across different CPE, and reach their entire installed base. Rainbow is an integrated part of Jungo’s OpenRG gateway software and can also run on top of other gateway middleware. Rainbow conforms with the Home Gateway Initiative’s (HGI) Software Execution Environment Task Force (SWEX) specifications, and enables software flexibility on any home gateway.

    Rainbow is based on Jungo’s core embedded expertise and technical excellence, as well as extensive field experience. Rainbow’s small footprint software is easily integrated with cloud based services and end user applications. With Rainbow, service providers can deploy enhanced services integrating the gateway with other elements of the service infrastructure, while minimizing gateway hardware costs.

    Rainbow spans a cloud component and a lightweight application layer that resides on top of the gateway middleware.

    • The cloud component ensures secure, authenticated access from subscriber applications to the gateway and serves as the backend component for connected home services
    • The lightweight application layer provides an execution environment to service enablers that interact with the gateway middleware and cloud services

    Rainbow supports a wide range of value added capabilities and services, and either runs locally on the gateway or together with a cloud based service implementation.

    Unified applications across different CPE

    • Develop once, use on multiple devices
    • Faster time to market
    • Reach entire installed base

    Independently develop new applications integrated with the gateway

    • No need for embedded code development, developer friendly APIs
    • Faster time to market

    Dynamically manage applications

    • Add, remove, modify services
    • No change to the gateway middleware (no need for firmware upgrade operation)
    • Different applications to different subscribers – each subscriber gets only what they need

    Provide secure access to gateway services anywhere (authentication, authorization, secure communication)

    • Modular: Rainbow’s modular design enables easy modification of CPE applications
    • Linux based: Provides a lightweight native Linux execution environment that integrates with the gateway middleware and supports local application logic
    • Managed: Incorporates TR-069 standard-base remote service management (TR-157)
    • Open: Introduces a service oriented architecture (SOA) to residential gateways, exposing gateway resources/capabilities using standard-based web service APIs
    • Flexible: Incorporates a light scripting engine for script-based service development
    • Secure: Ensures authenticated and authorized access to gateway based services

    Rainbow supports a range of applications, some of which are:

    Self care components

    • In-home, gateway-based support capabilities that reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction
    • Network map fingerprint and collection

    Local and remote gateway user interface

    • Open framework for rapid development of rich, dynamic gateway UI pages using common web technologies

    Connected home services

    • Parental controls policy enforcement
    • Home media and file access
    • Home automation drivers (e.g. ZigBee, Z-Wave etc.) and business logic