Professional Services

    Implementing residential gateways, connected home services or digital home management and support isn’t just about choosing a product or offering. It’s about a successful product launch, accelerated time to market and ensuring service providers get superior functionality and quality from their Jungo solutions. It’s about the professional services that ensure that Jungo product and solution integration happens quickly and effectively, along with the required customization and best practices.

    We’ve taken our best practice design, development, testing and project management methodologies to ensure on-time, on-budget and on-spec delivery in tens of telco-grade projects. When asked what they value the most about Jungo, our customers tell us they find our professional services extraordinary.

    Technology leadership: Our professional services include unique consulting, customization and implementation services which leverage our unmatched expertise in residential gateways and service delivery and our years of experience.

    Exceptional Teams: Projects aren’t all about technologies and interfaces but also about people. Each of our projects has one main contact person that is responsible for all interactions with the service provider, and, if necessary, with hardware vendors. Working as the prime project integrator has done well for our customers in many successful multi-party projects (Jungo, Hardware Provider and Service Provider). Our professionals intimately understand Jungo’s products, service provider environments and the way Jungo can be used to ensure a rich and better residential user experience.

    End to end delivery: Our professional services teams cover anything from defining the initial specifications to final handover and training.

    Agile Delivery: Our customization projects are done using agile development methodologies, ensuring that projects are done with quality, visibility, flexibility and cost control in mind.









    “The level of technical proficiency really gave us a lot of hope that we will have a project on time delivered in a professional manner, and that is exactly what happened.”

    Luis Lopez | COO | Zon


    “We found that Jungo delivered not only technical capabilities but also high quality support and true dedication throughout the entire process.”

    Alon Berman
    VP Technology
    Partner Communications