WinDriver’s Linux kernel drivers — windrvr<version>.o/.ko andwindrvr<version>_usb.o/.ko (windrvr6.o/.ko andwindrvr6_usb.o/.ko / windrvr.o in earlier versions) — are written as generic tools and are not targeted at a specific Linux distribution. Therefore, you should generally be able to use these drivers with different distributions, including Real Time Linux. However, since we did not conduct extensive tests with the Real Time Linux OS, we do not officially support this operating system. You are welcome to download a full-featured evaluation version of WinDriver for Linux and try it with your Real Time Linux distribution to see if it suits your development needs. Please feel free to contact us at any time during your evaluation via our support center, so we might try to assist you in your development efforts.

To find out how to install WinDriver on your Linux machine, please refer to the WinDriver Linux installation instructions.