Beginning with version 11.2.0 of WinDriver, Delphi and Visual Basic 6.0 are no longer supported.

WinDriver does not support implementing a Kernel PlugIn project in Delphi or in Visual Basic (VB), since these programming languages should not generally be used for kernel mode development. However, while the Kernel PlugIn application must be written in C, it is possible to write a user mode application in Delphi/VB, which communicates with the C Kernel PlugIn application. If you select to implement such a design, in order to ensure the correct interaction between the user mode and Kernel PlugIn applications, you will need to implement a Delphi *.pas file or a VB*.bas file that contains common definitions for the Kernel PlugIn and user mode applications — as done in the library header files of the sample and DriverWizard generated Kernel PlugIn C projects (e.g.,WinDriver\pci_diag\pci_lib.h, used by the sample KP_PCI driver / or in earlier versions — WinDriver\kerplug\kptest_com.h, used by the sampleKPTEST driver).
You can refer to the implementation of the WinDriver\include\windrvr.h C header file and the corresponding WinDriver\delphi\include\windrvr.pasand WinDriver\vb\include\windrvr.cls files for an example of implementing the same code both in C and in Delphi/Visual Basic (respectively).