Beginning with version 11.2.0 of WinDriver, Borland C++ Builder is no longer supported.

Beginning with version 5.0.5 of WinDriver, the DriverWizard includes specific code generation options for Borland C++ Builder 3.0–6.0, so you can simply select this option from the Wizard’s code generation window to create all the relevant project files, build the generated code and run it.

If you are using an earlier version of WinDriver, you can select to generate code with the DriverWizard for Borland C++ Builder 4, and then do one of the following to build a Borland C++ 6.0 project:

    • Open the generated project file from the Borland 6.0 environment and press ‘OK’ when notified of the upgrade to version 6.0.
      From the Project menu, select ‘Options’ –> ‘Directory/Conditionals’, and in the ‘Library Path’ text box, leave only the following text:
      $(BCB)\lib ” (instead of the entire file path that would be indicated in this box).


  • Alternatively, in the Borland C++ Builder 6.0 compiler:
    1. From the menu choose ‘Project’ –> ‘Add New Project’ .
    2. Pick the ‘Console Wizard’. A configuration window will pop up. Check the “C”, “Multi Threaded”, and”Console Application” options and press ‘OK’.
    3. From the menu choose: ‘Project’ –> ‘Add to project’ and add the following files from among the files WinDriver had generated for you: xxx_lib.c and xxx_diag.c (where XXX is your driver’s name).
    4. Add, the following files to the project: pci_diag_lib.c andprint_struct.c — for PCI cards, or usb_diag_lib.c — for USB devices, both found in the WinDriver\samples\shareddirectory.
    5. From the menu select ‘Project’ –> ‘Remove from Project’and remove any other file from the project (leaving only the files mentioned above).