Yes. Beginning with version 5.2.0, WinDriver supports 64-bit data transfers. Please refer to the WinDriver PCI User’s Manual for detailed information regarding this support. The usage of WinDriver’s 64-bit API is demonstrated in the special library functions for the PLX 9656 chip (available under the WinDriver/plx/9656/ directory).

Please note that even with earlier versions of WinDriver, once you have mapped the memory on your card (using WinDriver), you could directly access the memory in a 64-bit access pattern. You would, however, need to use a 64-bit compiler to generate code that has this capability. WinDriver itself (until version 5.2.0) does not assist you in this, because it has no knowledge of 64-bit code, but with a good 64-bit compiler and some experimentation, you can probably enjoy the 64-bit performance with earlier versions of WinDriver as well.