In RedHat Linux 7.3 an additional parameter was added to the functiondo_munmap().

If you are using WinDriver version 5.0.5 or earlier, you can download and use the files to resolve this problem. (The files should be copied to theWinDriver/redist directory, instead of the corresponding files from the version which you are currently using.)

If you are using WinDriver version 5.0.5b–5.2.1, please use the makefile and linux_wrappers files from the WinDriver installation, and simply change the makefile to assign 1 instead of 0 to DO_MUNMAP_API_CHANGE, as explained in the makefile itself:

    # Change DO_MUNMAP_API_CHANGE value to 1 if in the
    # /usr/src/linux/include/linux/mm.h the following
      function is defined:
    # extern int do_munmap(struct mm_struct *,
      unsigned long, size_t, int acct);
    # instead of extern int do_munmap
      (struct mm_struct *, unsigned long, size_t);

For general WinDriver installation instructions for Linux, refer to the WinDriver User’s Manual of your WinDriver version. (Updated instructions for the latest version are also found online.)

Beginning with version 5.2.2 of WinDriver this is internally handled by the makefile, so you do not need to make any modifications yourself.