Jungo and Synopsys have partnered to provide embedded USB connectivity in numerous consumer electronic systems. USBware is embedded in a multitude of platforms such as HDTV Set-top box, Advanced DVD Codecs Chipsets, Mobile Platforms, Communications and USB Flash Drives.


Texas Instruments

WinDriver includes customized library for Texas Instruments set of USB controllers. Texas family of MCUs includes all purpose high speed USB functionality as well as specific class uses such as HID and USB to Serial.


Energy Micro is a global provider of energy friendly microcontrollers and RF transceivers based on the ARM® Cortex™ processor core



CogniVue has selected Jungo for integration of its embedded USB software protocol stack allowing customers to easily incorporate standard USB connectivity in their designs whatever the application. Look out for a press release this quarter officially announcing this partnership.


Analog Devices

Jungo and Analog Devices have partnered to provide embedded USB software in Analog Devices’ Blackfin DSP chipsets. USBware includes full support for uC/OS-II and VDK environments on BF527 and BF548 EZ-KIT Platforms.



Jungo’s USBware has been successfully deployed in Segger’s embedded systems. USBware’s embedded software cores and Segger’s embOS RTOS deliver a top-tier USB connectivity solution.



USBware offers software protocol stacks for atmel AT91 Smart ARM Microcontrollers. In addition, support for Atmel’s ARM9 high speed USB Device MCU. Jungo offers production-level and widely-deployed drivers for on-chip high speed USB controllers.

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