Mobile device manufacturers use Jungo products and solutions to equip their products with end-to-end USB connectivity.

Jungo’s USBware Device stack  is the world’s most widely deployed embedded USB software.

DriverCore, the comprehensive USB PC driver stack, enables mobile device manufacturers to extend high-performance USB PC driver communication to embedded devices. It has been distributed by Jungo customers to all Top 10 MNOs.

The USBware Host stack enables mobile device manufacturers to incorporate standard USB Host connectivity and support various HSIC use cases across different application and modem processors.

Common uses:
  • Data communication modems
  •  Smartphones
  • 3G/4G mobile hotspots
  • 3G/4G residential router
  •  Industrial wireless data communication modules
  • Full support for all popular embedded mobile operating systems used by USB modem chipsets, including ThreadX, Android, VxWorks, Nucleus
  • Out-of-the-box implementations of  low-level support for popular USB IP Cores from Synopsys and Mentor Graphics
  • Full availability of all relevant USB Classes: CDC ACM, CDC NCM, Mass Storage, Audio, ICCD, CDC EEM, MTP, RNDIS
  • Full support for all commercial desktop and embedded host operating systems, including: Windows (XP,Vista,7,8), Mac OSX (10.5 and above), Linux (Kernel 2.6.18 and above), Windows CE (5.0 and above.)
  • Unique USB protocol implementations for specific end-products, such as RmNet/QMI
  • Professional Engineering services for custom adaptation and integration projects
  • Proven maturity and robustness, with 700 million product shipments to 150 Mobile Network Operators worldwide over more than a decade
  • Highly modular and configurable, allowing product development with extensive code reuse and flexibility
  • Full support for all the major USB connectivity requirements of mobile devices, resulting in short integration periods for new projects
  • Hybrid business models to match each customer’s commercial distribution requirements

USBware Mobile Device Stack Architecture