Though often perceived as a standard system component, USB software has numerous use cases that demand specific implementation.

Mission-critical products, such as electronic fund transaction terminals, mobile infantry communication modules or personal insulin pumps, require robust and flawless operation when interfacing with their peripherals.

Jungo’s USBware Host, USBware Device and DriverCore software stacks provide the robustness and full stability required to meet strict, mission-critical requirements.

Selected by industry leaders around the world, Jungo’s USB connectivity is deployed in a wide variety of product types from different disciplines. This wide spectrum of use cases enables us to deliver highly interoperable software.

Our deep understanding of specific market segment requirements, led us to develop special implementations of USB protocol behaviors, which serve as competitive advantages in our customer products.


Military grade communication devices

  • Special forces monitoring system
  • Tactical radio & networking
  • Command & control modules
  • TETRA radio

Point of Sale Equipment

  • Electronic fund transaction pin-pads
  • Retail POS Terminals
  • Barcode scanners
  • Handheld scanners

Embedded medical devices

  • Medical Ventilator
  • Bedside monitor
  • Infusion Pump Controller
  • Ultrasound Portable Equipment
  • Dental Imaging Device
  • Hearing Device Remote Control
  • Configurable and modular, allowing product development with extensive code reuse and flexibility
  • Full support for all major USB connectivity requirements, resulting in short integration periods for new projects
  • Proven maturity and robustness, with a 100% project success rate. Our USB connectivity software is used daily as a business enabler component, by more than 50 Fortune 500 customers
  • Hybrid business models to match each customer’s commercial distribution requirements
  • Full support for all popular embedded operating systems, including: QNX, Integrity, ThreadX, Windows CE, Android, VxWorks, Nucleus, ADI VDK
  • Out-of-the-box implementations of  low-level support for popular USB IP Cores and USB controllers from Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, Freescale i.MX, TI OMAP, ADI Blackfin, STM, Intel
  • Full availability of all relevant USB classes: CDC ACM, CDC NCM, Mass Storage, Audio, UVC, ICCD, RNDIS, HID
  • Comprehensive support for all commercial desktop and embedded host operating systems, including Windows desktop, Mac OSX, Linux, Windows CE
  • Unique USB protocol implementations for specific end-products, such as USB WiFi dongles based on Ralink chipsets, USB to Ethernet dongles, USB COM port persistency
  • Professional Engineering services for custom adaptations and integration projects