Inomed needed to develop a device that would assist doctors treating epilepsy patients in locating spastic cortical tissue. To locate the tissue, doctors apply low electric currents to multiple electrodes connected to the brain in order to evoke tissue response. On the basis of those responses, the doctors can identify the spastic tissue.

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Breakthrough’s innovative software solutions enable storage and telecom OEMs to quickly and cost-effectively bring to market diverse storage devices and systems, ranging from tape and disk drives to advanced arrays and libraries, by accelerating target…

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BittWare, a leading supplier of DSP hardware and software products, has developed an SDK (software development toolkit) – for their SharcFIN™ ASIC based DSP boards, based on Jungo’s WinDriver driver development toolkit.

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Chess eT used WinDriver CE for developing the software that converts all user interaction into Ethernet data, including audio , which is then digitized and compressed

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Brookhaven National Laboratory

Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Physics Department and Instrumentation Division does research in basic particle and nuclear physics, and develops instrumentation and technology to extend the reach of this research. Collaborating with physicists from…

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GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare France developed the “Gitane” – an interface board, based on Altera’s FGPA, containing customized I/O and communication resources and software modules that were developed with Microsoft’s Visual C++ 6.0.
GE Healthcare ships Gitane to…

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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation’s Xbox 360™ system provides the ultimate gaming console offering and an unsurpassed gaming and entertainment experience. To control Xbox 360, Microsoft offers wired and wireless controllers that boast precision, speed and accuracy….

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P&E Microcomputer Systems

P&E Microcomputer Systems, a leading supplier of hardware and software development tools for Freescale microcontrollers, used Jungo’s WinDriver driver development toolkit to successfully develop the driver for its USB Multilink Universal debug interface.

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Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL)

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) have developed a line of low-cost USB based ultrasound probes which are connected to Windows CE/windows mobile-based smart phones. Computer engineers at the Washington University in St. Louis were…

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