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* Please note that all prices are for licensing a single VID & PID/DID Pair (Vendor ID & Product ID for a single device).
Please contact us for licensing additional devices.

How to order?

1. Receive an online quote by selecting
the product components that match
your requirements.
You can also view full product prices
on the WinDriver Price List page.

2. Fill-in your information and click the
“Ask for Quote” button to submit a
request for a formal quote.

OR fill out the WinDriver order form (PDF) and contact us at [email protected] or at
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License Types

• Node Lock — single license for one developer on one development PC.

• Duo — two (2) Node Lock licenses.

• 3-Pack — three (3) Node Lock licenses.

Support and Upgrade

• Support — 12 month Support and Upgrade plan purchased within the valid support subscription period : up to 2 months after purchase of the the product license or upon support renewal (12 months following the last support purchase).

• Support Outside — 12 month Support and Upgrade plan purchased outside the valid support subscription period. Support can be renewed as “Outside” up to 3 years from last support expiration date, (a new license will be required after 3 years in order to upgrade a WinDriver version without a valid support).

* The Support and Upgrade plan is provided only for the WinDriver product line. Each subscription is provided on a “per-station, per product” basis. The plan is valid for 12 months from the date of product purchase.


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