Technical Document #109

Technical Document #109        [Product Version: 6.0.3 and below]
I fail to use windrvr.vxd from WinDriver v5.0.5 on Windows 98; the Debug Monitor has this message: USB is not implemented on this OS.
The windrvr.sys driver works well.

A USB device can only use a SYS driver. It cannot use a VxD driver. The reason for this is that USB devices must use WDM (Windows Driver Model) drivers, and WDM drivers should be implemented as SYS drivers. Therefore, windrvr6.vxd (or windrvr.vxd — in version 5.2.2 and earlier) does not support USB, and you should use the windrvr6.sys driver file instead (windrvr.sys in version 5.2.2 and earlier).

NOTE: Beginning with version 6.2.0 of WinDriver, VxD drivers are no longer supported for any of the buses supported by WinDriver (including PCI/ISA).