The Support and Upgrade plan entitles you to the following services:

  • 12-month period of first-priority technical support regarding all issues, including
    • Implementation (e.g., interrupt handling, DMA, USB transfers)
    • Performance improvements
    • Driver design
    • Advanced topics
    • Installation and setup
    • Licensing
    • Distribution
  • Free upgrades to all released versions (subject to the latest WinDriver end user license agreement terms).


Price Levels

  • Renewal within valid subscription — Discounted price, when subscribing with a product purchase or within an active subscription period.
  • Renewal outside valid subscription — Regular price, when purchased outside of an active Support and Upgrade plan.


To purchase/upgrade your Support and Upgrade plan, visit the WinDriver price quote page.


Complimentary Support and Upgrade

Jungo Connectivity provides you with two months of free complimentary support upon purchasing one of our products.

You are entitled to a discounted price if you choose to extend your support package to a full year during these two months.

The support period will begin from the date you have purchased the product.

The complimentary two-months Support and Upgrade services include

  • Technical support regarding the following issues:
    • Installation and setup
    • Licensing
    • Distribution
  • Free upgrades to new version releases