Gateway Solutions

    Jungo is committed to providing customers a superior support level. All gateway related technical issues, are directly addressed by Jungo’s technical support team.

    Through a close support relationship with Jungo, broadband service providers benefit from direct contact with software experts, whenever a new requirement, service, or functional issue arises.

    Jungo offers the following services through a variety of service packages:

    • Help desk
    • 24/7 support hotline
    • Online support center for real-time issue reporting and tracking
    • Remote diagnostics
    • On-site support
    • Software updates and maintenance releases
    • Software hotfixes
    • Technical and operational training.

    To contact support for the connected home division click here.


    “We found that Jungo delivered not only technical capabilities bt also high quality support and true dedication throughout the entire process . The bottom line is that Jungo’s expertise helped us to launch a better product on time.”

    Alon Berman
    VP Technology
    Partner Communications