Driver Monitoring

CoDriver for Fleets was designed to bring a new layer of visual telematics of driver behavior, leveraging computer vision, machine and deep learning software. CoDriver enables real time alerting of driver events, reporting of such events to cloud servers, and improving driver behavior based on offline analytics.

CoDriver enables fleet technology providers to collect real time events from drivers, including

  • Distraction
  • Drowsiness
  • Phone use
  • Mirror checking
  • Gaze direction
  • Head bobbing
  • Falling asleep
  • And much more…

CoDriver is available as embedded software and mobile application, enabling easy integration to existing fleets management technologies.

In addition, CoDriver offers multiple ways to handle real time events:

– In-cabin driver alerts of dangers such as distraction and drowsiness
– Trigger alerts to fleets management control software on driver status
– Event recording and data upload for cloud-based analytics
– Store video clips of interesting events

CoDriver SDK
– The CoDriver SDK is now available to customers and partners for integration into their in-cabin
real time video platforms.
– Operating systems supported include Linux, Android, Windows.
– CPU supported include Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia and others.

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