Driver Monitoring

CoDriver for Insurance was designed to add a layer of visual telematics, leveraging computer vision and machine learning to extract information on driver behavior. CoDriver generates a new category of telematics information to improve insurance pricing.

CoDriver enables collecting real time telematics events from drivers, including

  • Distraction
  • Drowsiness
  • Phone use
  • Mirror checking
  • Gaze direction
  • Head bobbing
  • Falling asleep
  • And much more…

CoDriver enables real time reduction of risks of collisions, while collecting invaluable drivers driving patterns, to better assess the price/risk profile for specific drivers.

In addition, CoDriver offers multiple ways to handle real time events:
– In-cabin driver alerts of dangers such as distraction and drowsiness
– Trigger alerts to insurance telematics vendors
– Event recording and data upload for cloud-based analytics
– Store video clips of interesting events

CoDriver is available as embedded software for integration into telematics vendors, and as a mobile application for integration into dedicated insurance/telematics applications.

CoDriver SDK
– The CoDriver SDK is now available to customers and partners:
– early access to CoDriver key features with ongoing software updates from Jungo
– prototype your Driver Monitoring System on a PC, mobile or embedded environment
– create cutting edge applications on top of the CoDriver API
– demonstrate your Driver Monitoring System based on CoDriver to potential customers

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