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Jungo Human Sensing SDK enables embedded devices and PC applications to create immersive, touch-free interfaces, that use camera and microphone as inputs instead of (or in addition to) touch screens, keyboard and mouse.

Jungo Human Sensing SDK allows application and device manufacturers to use camera and microphone to understand human interaction, intentions and context. By tracking the person’s face, eyes, hands and gestures, and understanding voice activities, people can control and interact with devices in natural fashion and without any touch. This is expected to become increasingly important, both to ease technology adoption and to reduce spread of COVID-19 that can be contacted by touch.

MagiaTouch can enable any application to be controlled using natural human interaction, without any code changes.

The Jungo Human Sensing SDK tracks using camera, and in real time:

  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Body
  • Hands
  • Fingers
  • Voice

Relevant segments include – automotive, smart screens, robotics, security, personal assistants and more.

– Operating systems: Linux, Android, Windows

– CPUs: Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Renesas, NXP, TI, Ambarella and others

– Prototype your system on a PC or embedded environment

– Create cutting edge applications on top of the Human Sensing APIs 

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