ID Subject Product Version
1 What is WinDriver? WinDriver
2 Enabling legacy PCI configuration space read/write for identifying PCI
devices on Windows
WinDriver 10.3.1 and above
3 Preallocating contiguous DMA buffers on Windows WinDriver 11.1.0 and above
4 What operating systems and their respective versions does WinDriver support? WinDriver
5 Building WinDriver with custom version information WinDriver 11.1.0 and below
6 Using WinDriver to develop a graphical Win32 or MFC application WinDriver
7 WinDriver for Windows NT 4.0 — supported service pack WinDriver 8.0.2 and below
8 When trying to install WinDriver v5.2.0 on my PC, using the Linux
RedHat 7.2 distribution, I gotunresolved symbol errors pertaining to alloc_kiovec() and free_kiovec(). How can I resolve these errors?
WinDriver 5.2.X
9 What are the limitations of the WinDriver evaluation kits? WinDriver
10 Does WinDriver support development in C#? WinDriver 7.0.0 and above
11 Can WinDriver be used to develop for the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 operating system? WinDriver
12 What is the wddebug_gui Debug Monitor utility and how can I use it? WinDriver
13 What is the wddebug Debug Monitor utility and how can I use it? WinDriver
14 How do I use the Debug Monitor utility on VxWorks? DriverBuilder 5.4 and below
15 What is the pci_dump utility and how do I run it? WinDriver
16 Can WinDriver handle multiple devices, of different or similar types, at the same time? WinDriver
17 How can I improve my driver’s performance with WinDriver? WinDriver
18 Can WinDriver group I/O and memory transfers? WinDriver
19 Debugging your driver code with WinDriver WinDriver
20 Can I run two different device drivers, both developed with WinDriver, on the same machine? WinDriver
21 What is the significance of marking a resource as ‘shared’ with WinDriver, and how can I verify the ‘shared’ status of a specific resource on my card? WinDriver
22 Does WinDriver support the Real Time Linux operating system? WinDriver
23 Can I use WinDriver to access AGP devices? WinDriver
24 If a variable requires a pointer to be assigned to it, as in
pBuffer = &dwVal, how do I do it in
Visual basic (which does not support pointers)?
WinDriver 11.1.0 and below
25 I am trying to install WinDriver v5.0.5 on a machine running Linux SuSE 8.0, which uses the 2.4.18-4 Linux kernel. But the ‘make install’ command fails with this error:

unresolved symbol kmap_pagetable

WinDriver 5.2.0 and below
26 Can I use WinDriver to define additional serial/parallel ports, using a PLX card? WinDriver 6.2.3 and below
27 How do I detect the location of my USB device on my Windows PC? WinDriver 6.2.0 and above
28 What is the Kernel PlugIn for WinDriver? WinDriver
29 Is the Kernel PlugIn available for all operating systems? WinDriver
30 What is the development process for the Kernel PlugIn? WinDriver
31 When trying to build my Kernel PlugIn project I get the following errorkptest.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __chkstkHow can I resolve this? WinDriver
32 I would like to execute in the kernel some pieces of code written in Delphi or in Visual Basic, using the Kernel PlugIn. Is it possible? WinDriver 11.1.0 and below
33 Using DebugView to monitor debug output WinDriver
34 How do I allocate locked memory in the kernel that can be used inside the interrupt handler? WinDriver
35 When trying to build my WinDriver application from MS Visual Studio, I get the following error:int_io.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __beginthreadexHow can I resolve this? WinDriver
36 How can I use WinDriver to generate a diagnostics driver code for
Borland C++ Builder 6.0?
WinDriver 11.1.0 and below
37 What is pIntContext in the Kernel PlugIn interrupt functions? WinDriver
38 I need to call WD_Transfer() and
WD_UsbTransfer() in the Kernel PlugIn. From where do I get hWD to pass to these functions?
39 A restriction in KP_IntAtIrql is to use only non-pageable
memory. What does this mean?
40 How do I call WD_Transfer() in the Kernel PlugIn interrupt handler? WinDriver
41 How do I share a memory buffer between Kernel PlugIn and user-mode projects for DMA or other purposes? WinDriver
42 How do I send a GET_DESCRIPTOR request to my device, using WinDriver? WinDriver
43 Developing 32-bit Applications for 64-bit Architectures WinDriver 9.2.1 and above
44 Sending debug information from WinDriver’s kernel module to a kernel debugger WinDriver 5.0.4 and above
45 What are the COPY_TO_USER_OR_KERNEL and COPY_FROM_USER_OR_KERNEL macros and when should they be used? WinDriver
46 Why does my WD_KernelPlugInOpen() call fail? WinDriver
47 Does WinDriver support Scatter/Gather DMA on Linux? WinDriver 5.2.0 and above
48 What is the interrupt latency of WinDriver? WinDriver
49 Replacing the driver for PCI/USB devices on Windows 2000: I tried to
install new INF files for my Plug-and-Play devices on Windows 2000, using
wdreg, but the OS keeps installing the old INF files from a
previous WinDriver version. How can I resolve this?
WinDriver 6.0.2–10.3.0
50 WinDriver Operating Systems Support — Versions Overview WinDriver
51 How do I port a DOS driver, which uses inp() and
outp() calls to access the card, into a Windows driver?
52 How many I/O and memory spaces does WinDriver support on a single board? WinDriver
53 How do I reset my USB device using version 5.2.2 of WinDriver? WinDriver 5.0.4–5.2.2
54 Sample InstallShield procedure for installing the driver on a Windows machine WinDriver 5.2.2 and below
55 Buffer Overrun Error: WDU_Transfer() sometimes returns the
0xC000000C error code. What does this error code mean?
How do I solve this problem?
WinDriver 6.0.0 and above
56 Windows XP crashes (BSOD) when I listen to an isochronous pipe on my USB device. WinDriver
57 Driver installation on Plug-and-Play systems (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP) — WinDriver version 5.0.5 and earlier WinDriver 5.0.5 and below
58 My attempt to allocate and lock a 1GB DMA buffer with WinDriver, on
Windows, fails. Is this a limitation of the operating system?
59 I have run into a problem accessing 32MB of memory on a PCI card.
WD_CardRegister() fails to map the memory.The problem does not occur if I try to access 16MB of memory on my card.
60 Can WinDriver be used in order to develop a network driver for Windows CE? WinDriver
61 I am trying to install WinDriver on my Linux machine, but when I insert the WinDriver module (windrvr6.o) into the kernel I get errors regarding kernel version mismatch or unresolved symbols. How can I resolve this? WinDriver
62 Kernel PlugIn Driver Installation — General Guidelines WinDriver
63 When compiling the WinDriver module on Linux machine, I get the following error:usr/include/linux/modversions.h:1:2: #error Modules should never usekernel-headers system headers, but headers from an appropriate kernel-source WinDriver 6.2.2 and below
64 Linux contiguous-buffer DMA allocations — 128KB limitation WinDriver 8.0.1 and below
65 WinDriver For Solaris — 32-bit Architecture Support WinDriver 9.0.1 and below
66 WinDriver for Solaris SPARC — 33Mhz * 33MB PCI Bus Support WinDriver 9.0.1 and below
67 Can I use DriverBuilder to develop an Ethernet network driver for VxWorks? DriverBuilder 5.4 and below
68 I am trying to use DriveBuilder for VxWorks, but I fail downloading
windrvr.o to the target. I get a message that the following symbols were unresolvedpciConfigInlong,
DriverBuilder 5.4 and below
69 I am using DriverBuilder for VxWorks. I loaded pci_diag.out and ran
 pci_diag_main, but if failed with the following error message:
Error loading driver
DriverBuilder 5.4 and below
70 What are the names of the entry points routines for your various DriverBuilder
VxWorks sample programs: wddebug.out, pci_dump.out,
DriverBuilder 5.4 and below
71 When running the PCI diagnostics application on a VxWorks machine, I get
the following error message when trying to open the board:
Card does not have all items expected for MyDrive.
DriverBuilder 5.4 and below
72 I run pci_dump.out on a VxWorks machine and it shows my card
having all zeros in the BARs. But when I plug the card into a Windows PC,
the BARs have values.
73 WD_CardRegister() failed to lock a 32MB memory range on my PCI
card. The following messages appeared in the Debug Monitor log:
Map_physical_mem_krnl: MmMapIoSpace failed …
74 How do I access the memory on my PCI card using WinDriver? WinDriver
75 How do I handle PCI Interrupts from a user-mode WinDriver application? WinDriver
76 How do I perform PCI DMA Writes from system memory to my card, using WinDriver? WinDriver
77 How do I perform Direct Block transfers from one PCI card to another? WinDriver
78 Using WinDriver on Linux, I find that I need to reload the driver module (windrvr6.o) after each reboot. How can I set up dynamic loading of windrvr6.o? WinDriver
79 Does WinDriver support 64-bit data transfers? WinDriver 5.2.0 and above
80 I have a PLX 9050 card, but I cannot access the card’s memory with WinDriver’s PLX 9050 diagnostics utility. I am using the P9050_Read/WriteXXX() functions. WinDriver 6.2.3 and below
81 The values of all the registers on my PLX 9050 card are zero. What could be the reason? WinDriver 6.2.3 and below
82 How can I use the PLX burst mode to increase the read speed? WinDriver
83 When using multiple PLX 9050 cards I occasionally get the error Do_card_lock failed: item already in use, and pci_dump indicates a memory resource overlap in BAR0. I can sometimes resolve this by moving cards to other PCI slots. WinDriver
84 Upgrading your WinDriver version WinDriver 8.1.1 and above
85 How do I extract the string descriptors contained in the Device and Configuration descriptor tables? WinDriver 6.2.2 and above
86 How do I detect that a USB device has been plugged in or disconnected? WinDriver
87 How do I setup the transfer buffer to send a null data packet through the control pipe? WinDriver
88 Can I write a driver for a USB hub or a USB Host Controller card using WinDriver? WinDriver
89 WinDriver driver distribution to a target Windows machine — versions 4.2.0–5.0.5b WinDriver 4.2.0–5.0.5b
90 Installing an INF file for PCI/USB devices on Windows Plug and Play systems in WinDriver versions 4.20–5.05 WinDriver 4.2.0–5.0.5
91 Does WinDriver USB support isochronous streaming mode? WinDriver 9.0.0 and above
92 I used the DriverWizard to listen to the floppy disk interrupt (IRQ 6) successfully on my Windows machine. But when I try to listen to the mouse interrupt (IRQ 12) or to the keyboard interrupt (IRQ 1), I get the following error message: Cannot enable interrupt — might be in use by another device WinDriver
93 WinDriver installation on Linux RedHat 7.3 kernel version 2.4.18-4 gives this error: linux_wrappers.c:405: too few arguments to function ‘do_munmap_Rd007fc14’   make:*** [LINUX.2.4.18-3/linux_wrappers.o] WinDriver 5.2.1 and below
94 Does WinDriver support development of drivers for CardBus devices? WinDriver
95 Does WinDriver support development for PCMCIA devices? WinDriver 6.2.2 and above
96 Is it possible to write my own parallel port driver using WinDriver? WinDriver
97 Can WinDriver share the Parallel/Serial port with Windows’ drivers? WinDriver
98 Can I access the same device, simultaneously, from several WinDriver applications? WinDriver
99 Programming the Serial Port — a brief introduction WinDriver
100 The card I want to drive currently has an interrupt service routine in DOS/16-bit. How do I create a 32-bit interrupt routine for my card? WinDriver
101 I need to be able to count the number of interrupts occurring and possibly call a routine every time an interrupt occurs. Is this possible with WinDriver? WinDriver
102 Does WinDriver poll the interrupt (Busy Wait)? WinDriver
103 Can I write to disk files during an interrupt routine? WinDriver
104 How can I read the value of the PCI interrupt status register from my WinDriver ISR, in order to determine, for example, which card generated the interrupt when the IRQ is shared between several devices? WinDriver
105 Listening to PCI interrupts with the DriverWizard WinDriver
106 How do I perform system or slave DMA using WinDriver? WinDriver
107 When performing data transfers with WD_UsbTransfer(), what is the significance of the USB_SHORT_TRANSFERand USB_FULL_TRANSFER flags (versions 5.0.4–5.2.2)? WinDriver 5.0.4–5.2.2
108 Performing large PCI memory data transfers WinDriver
109 I fail to use windrvr.vxd from WinDriver v5.0.5 on Windows 98; the Debug Monitor has this message: USB is not implemented on this OS.
The windrvr.sys driver works well.
WinDriver 6.0.3 and below
110 When installing WinDriver v5.0.5 on my Linux machine, I get the following warning:
Warning:loading /lib/modules/misc/windriver.o will taint the kernel:
no license
WinDriver 5.0.5 and below
111 Distributing your WinDriver v5.2.x based driver to a target Windows machine WinDriver 5.2.X
112 Porting a Kernel PlugIn project developed prior to version 10.3.0, to support working with a 32-bit user-mode application and a 64-bit Kernel PlugIn driver WinDriver
113 Distributing your KernelDriver based driver to a target Windows machine (versions 5.2.x–6.1.x)
the BARs have values.
KernelDriver 5.2.2–6.1.x
114 KernelDriver USB for Windows NT 4.0 (version 5.1.x) — Distributing Your Driver KernelDriver 5.1.X
115 How can I improve the rate of the interrupt handling when using DriverBuilder for VxWorks? WinDriver 5.2.2–5.4
116 WinDriver PCI/ISA API Version Changes WinDriver
117 WinDriver USB API Version Changes WinDriver
118 I tried to generate Delphi code for my USB device with the DriverWizard from version 6.0.0 of WinDriver, but it seems that not all the relevant files are generated? WinDriver 6.0.0–6.0.1
119 I used the DriverWizard from version 6.0.0 of WinDriver to generate Visual Basic code for my USB device, but while WDU_Transfer() works correctly, the specific transfer functions — WDU_TransferBulk(), etc. — are not working as expected WinDriver 6.0.0
120 Distributing your WinDriver-based driver to a target Windows PC — WinDriver Version 8.1.x–11.8.0 WinDriver 8.1.x–11.8.0
121 What to do in case of of an OS crash on Windows when using WinDriver WinDriver
122 PCI Transfers WinDriver
123 Parallel ports on Windows XP WinDriver
124 When trying to intsall WinDriver on my Windows PC I got the following error:
16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem path to the program that you are trying to start or installC:\Winnt\System32\autoexec.nt
The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications.
WinDriver 6.2.3 and below
125 Handling shared PCI interrupts in the Kernel PlugIn WinDriver
126 Does WinDriver support the PCI Express (PCIe) bus? WinDriver
127 WinDriver Upgrade: Version 6.2.x -> Version 7.x and above WinDriver 6.2.x and above
128 Does WinDriver support development of drivers for the .NET framework? WinDriver 7.0.1 and above
129 Reserving and locking physical memory on Windows and Linux WinDriver
130 Distributing your WinDriver-based driver to a target Windows PC — WinDriver version 8.0.x WinDriver 8.0.x
131 Upgrading from WinDriver version 7.x–8.1.0 to a newer version WinDriver 11.9.0 and above
132 Distributing your WinDriver-based driver to a target Windows PC WinDriver 11.9.0 and above
133 Technical Document #133: WinDriver Server API WinDriver 11.9.0 and above
134 Technical Document #134: The XDMA sample code WinDriver WinDriver 12.3.0 and above
135 Technical Document #135: Temporary disabling digital signature enforcement in Windows 10 WinDriver WinDriver 12.0.0 and above
136 Technical Document #136: Using WinDriver with Windows 10 IoT CoreWinDriver WinDriver 12.7.0 and above
137 Technical Document #137: Secure Boot and Driver Development WinDriver 12.8.0 and above
138 Technical Document #138: Python Support In WinDriver WinDriver 12.8.0 and above
140 Technical Document #140: Java Support In WinDriver WinDriver 14.0.0 and above