In version 6.2.0 of WinDriver, the PCI configuration space read/write method on Windows was upgraded to a more advanced method. On rare occasions, this method fails to identify some PCI devices. To resolve this problem, beginning with version 10.3.1 of WinDriver you can revert to the legacy PCI configuration space read/write method by doing the following:

    1. Set the PciCfgRwCompat registry key flag in the WinDriver driver INF file — default: windrvr<version>.inf (e.g.,windrvr1200.inf) / windrvr6.inf in earlier versions — to 1:
      <span style="color: #a020f0;">HKR, Parameters, PciCfgRwCompat, <span style="color: magenta;">0x00010001, <span style="color: magenta;">1Beginning with version 11.1.0 of WinDriver, the driver INF file contains a similar line, which sets the PciCfgRwCompat flag to 0 (default), so you only need to modify the value of the flag in the existing line to 1.


  1. Open a command-line prompt and reinstall the driver by running the following commands from the WinDriver\util\wdreg directory (where “WinDriver” is the path to your WinDriver installation directory):
    $ wdreg -inf <path to your device INF file> uninstall
    $ wdreg -inf <path to the driver INF file> uninstall
    $ wdreg -inf <path to the driver INF file> install
    $ wdreg -inf <path to your device INF file> install