You can easily use WinDriver to develop a graphical Win32 or MFC application.

While the diagnostics generated DriverWizard code and the WinDriver samples are provided in the form of console mode applications, the sample and generated library files are designed to be used from both console and graphical Windows applications, and therefore do not include any console specific function calls (such as printf(), etc.) and do not need to be modified in order to be used from within a graphical Windows application. You should, therefore, be able to add the generated or sample WinDriver C files to a graphical Win32 application or MFC project and use the WinDriver API from within your application, and we have in fact had customers who have done so successfully.

NOTE: To avoid possible build errors, you may need to do one of the following:

    • Add #include "stdafx.h" as the first line of code in each file you add to your project.
  • Do not use the pre-compiled headers option (Project –> Settings –> C/C++ –> ‘Precompiled Headers’ category –> choose ‘Not using precompiled headers’).