There are two possible reasons for this error:

  1. There is no Linux kernel source in the /usr/src directory.

    To fix this:

      • Download the exact kernel version you are working on from one of the mirrors (for example: and run ‘uname -a‘ to get the version of the running Linux kernel.
      • Install the kernel package from your Linux distribution disk.
  2. You neglected to create a ‘linux’ symbolic link (/usr/src/linux), or you created a symbolic link that is pointing to the wrong Linux kernel version. (For example, you are compiling for Linux kernel 2.2 and the symbolic link points to Linux kernel 2.4 source tree.)

    To fix this:
    Become super user: $su ;
    Change directory to: /usr/src/: # cd /usr/src/ ;
    Delete the previous link you created (if any): # rm linux ;
    And create a new symbolic: # ln -s linux-2.2 linux)

For further information, refer to the “Installation And Setup” chapter of the WinDriver User’s Manual for your WinDriver version.

Beginning with version 6.2.3, WinDriver uses a different installation mechanism on Linux, which should prevent this error from occurring.