Jungo Connectivity Ltd. is a Xilinx Alliance Program Member tier company.

Xilinx Alliance Member The WinDriver™ product line has enhanced supports for Xilinx devices, and enables you to focus on your driver’s added-value functionality, instead of on the operating system internals. WinDriver’s driver development solution covers PCI, PCI Express, CardBus, CompactPCI, ISA, PMC, PCI-X, PCI-104 and PCMCIA.

DMA Subsystem for PCI Express (XDMA) Sample Driver

WinDriver includes a variety of samples that demonstrate how to use WinDriver’s API to communicate with your device and perform various driver tasks. A sample for the Xilinx DMA Subsystem for PCI Express (XDMA) is included in WinDriver starting WinDriver version 12.3. The sample can be found under the WinDriver\xilinx\xdma directory.

AXI PCIe with MIG on a KCU105 using WinDriver

This video from Xilinx walks through the process of creating a simple hardware design using IP Integrator (IPI). Using IPI allows for blocks like DDR4 and PCIe. Connected together to create a hardware design in a matter of minutes. Then, using WinDriver creating a driver for numerous operating systems to interface to the DDR memory over the PCI Express bus.

WinDriver is the market leading driver development toolkit for PCIe / PCI. WinDriver includes ready-made custom libraries designed especially to Xilinx development boards.

Jungo Connectivity Ltd. is a Xilinx Alliance Program Member tier company [Read More].

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“When I found the Jungo Tools I initially looked at the online video showing how to drive the kit. When I tried out the real software I was amazed that within ten minutes I had my first driver working and could interact with my custom FPGA-based board.”

Martin Kellermann | Staff Strategic Application Engineer| Xilinx