USB Mass Storage Host and Device (USBware Components)

Mass Storage USB Class Driver

» A part of USBware: Embedded USB Software solution
Jungo offers mass storage USB class and function drivers, which provide a complete embedded solution for host and device communication with mass storage USB devices, such as disks, CD drives, DVD drives, thumb drives, floppy drives, zip drives, CDROMs, etc.

The Mass Storage USB Class Driver supports the host-side communication with mass storage USB peripherals, while the Mass Storage USB Function Driver provides the required device-side USB mass storage implementation for such peripherals.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) provides an expandable, hot-pluggable Plug and Play serial interface that ensures a standard, low-cost connection for peripheral devices such as storage devices, keyboards, joysticks, printers, scanners, modems, and digital cameras.

A USB Class Driver is a Logical Device Driver (LDD), which controls USB devices that provide common functionality and are implemented in compliance with a specific device class.

A USB Function Driver is a driver implemented within a device in order to handle the device-specific functionality of a standard or custom USB device function. This driver provides the counterpart of the USB Class Driver.

A Mass Storage USB Class/Function Driver is a USB class/function driver that supports the USB Mass Storage Class Specification.

Jungo's USB Mass Storage Class Driver (MSCD) and USB Mass Storage Function Driver (MSFD) are fully functional USB mass storage class/device drivers (respectively). The MSCD is part of Jungo's USB Host Stack, which offers a complete solution for USB host communication for embedded systems that do not natively support USB. The MSFD is part of Jungo's USB Device Stack, which enables software and device manufacturers to incorporate standard USB device/function connectivity into their embedded devices.

The MSCD implements the USB Host Stack's interface to the File System Driver and is responsible for relaying information between the File System Driver and the USB device. The MSCD communicates with the device via its USB Device Stack counterpart - the MSFD, which provides the device stack's upper layer (see the System Architecture diagram).

  • Products description:
    • USB Mass Storage Class Driver
    • USB Mass Storage Function Driver
  • Supports all 3 USB mass storage wire protocols:
    • Mass Storage Bulk-Only Transport (BOT) (also known as Bulk/Bulk/Bulk - BBB) (MSCD + MSFD)
    • Command/Bulk/Interrupt (CBI) (MSCD)
    • Command/Bulk/Interrupt with Command Completion Interrupt (CBI with CCI) (MSCD)
  • Supports the following command protocols:
    • SCSI (MSCD + MSFD)
    • UFI (floppy command set) (MSCD)
    • 8070i (ATAPI) (MSCD)
  • Supports Multiple LUNs (Logical Units)

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Jungo Connectivity presents MediaCore, allowing your infotainment system to use a single unified API for all connected devices.
Target Devices
  • Disks
  • CD drives
  • DVD drives
  • Thumb drives
  • Floppy drives
  • Zip drives
  • CD-ROMs
  • Other mass storage devices
USB Mass Storage Diagram
  • High quality USB mass storage class and function drivers
  • Modular and scalable mass storage class/function driver
  • Device Stack Support for composite USB devices, to allow several USB Mass Storage Interfaces (multiple pipes for parallel data transfers and higher bandwidth) on the same embedded device, as well as, support for general composite devices (e.g. CDC-ACM + HID + Mass Storage)
  • Host Stack support for Composite devices - USB host stack drivers can be used simultaneously to support different USB devices (e.g. the Mass Storage Class Driver can be used simultaneously with the HID Class Driver, etc.)
  • Small footprint
  • Turnkey solution: eliminates substantial development time and costs
  • Hardware/software-independent solution
  • Intuitive API, in C code
  • Source code available
  • Easy portability of applications that utilize the driver between supported operating systems
  • Extensive documentation
  • Comprehensive technical support, provided by the engineers who developed the stack
  • Part of a comprehensive embedded USB software solution from Jungo, which includes USB Host, USB Device and USB On-The-Go (OTG) stacks
Class Drivers for PCs and Windows CE hosts? Jungo Connectivity also offers class drivers for PCs and Windows CE hosts. To learn more, check out the DriverCore product page.