Jungo products uses some GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) code. We will deliver the LGPL 2.1 code associated with WinDriver to you when we receive a request to do so.

Please understand that we cannot respond to any questions concerning the content of LGPL 2.1 source code.

You can receive a complete copy of the source code by sending a written request to:

1st. Hamachshev street,
POB 8190,
Netanya 4250711,

Your request should include:

  • The name of the binary
  • The name and version number of the Jungo Connectivity product
  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Your return mailing and email address

LGPL 2.1 components are licensed without warranties of any kinds, either express or implied warranties, including without limitation the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as the quality and performance of these components is with you. Please check the respective license agreement for more details.