Automotive Multimedia Middleware - MediaCore

Complete automotive multimedia management Software
enabling access & control of connected media devices
Jungo's MediaCore allows automotive infotainment systems manufacturers to integrate a complete hardware and media access, control and streaming infrastructure into their products.
For complete USB Stacks & Multimedia USB Class Drivers - see USBware

MediaCore provides full support for iPod, MP3/MP4 players, FLASH drives, local hard disks, CD/DVD, mobile phones, MTP, any USB mass storage device, Bluetooth and WiFi connected devices, and provides a middleware for accessing, indexing, retrieving and streaming the media content on them.

By providing entire middleware from hardware access software, through media database and unified APIs for the HMI or graphical software, MediaCore is a perfect solution for automotive entertainment/infotainment systems and home media centers providers.

The growing popularity of portable media devices such as the iPod and USB thumb drives, and the various media-related protocols in the market today, is driving the requirement for a complete embedded media management solution that unifies access to the variety of portable media devices and streams media from these devices.

MediaCore supplies a complete embedded software connectivity solution for tomorrow's entertainment/infotainment systems, music servers and media stations.

  • Support for PCM, MP3, WAV, WMA formats
  • Support for iPod, MTP, USB Sticks, CD/DVD, USB Mass Storage, Local hard disk devices
  • Support for USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi and local connectivity
  • Complete portability to any commercial/proprietary USB stack, including full integration with the Jungo USBware Host Stack
  • Complete portability to any commercial/proprietary Bluetooth stack
  • Programming language: ANSI C
  • Compilers: Any 32-bit C compiler
  • CPU support: Analog Devices, Freescale, Renesas, NXP and others
  • OS support: QNX, Linux, VxWorks, Windows CE/Auto, VDK, eCos , Nucleus, ThreadX, uITRON, VelOSity, uC/OS-II, embOS and others
  • Hardware-agnostic design
  • Database support: Catalog, playlist, media list, playback, pause, resume, search
  • Audio Codecs: Wav(PCM-Raw), MP3(Analog board, SW), AAC-LC MP2/4, HE AAC v1/2 MP4, MP3/Pro/Suround, Vorbis, WMA 9/10, WAV SD/USB/CD/DVD, Raw, WMV, AVI, OGG, ACC
  • Imaging Codecs: Photo CD, Kodak, Windows Bitmap (.bmp), JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), Apple Icon Format (.icns), EPS, GIF (.gif), HD Photo (.hdp), JPEG 2000 (.jp2, .j2k), PICT, PNG, SVG, XAML, Windows Icon Format
  • Video Codecs: 3GPP (*.3gp,*.3g2), Divx (*.divx), MPEG4 (*.mp4), Real Media (*.rm), Windows Media Video (*.wmv), Audio Video Interleave (*.AVI), Flash Video, Matroska video (*. mkv, the extensible open standard Audio/Video container), MPEG-4 Part 14: Raw MPEG-4 Visual bitstreams (*.m4v), MPEG-1: (*.mpg, *.mpeg), NUT (*.nut) (a patent-free, multimedia container format), Ogg Media (*.OGM) (For video/audio/subtitle streams), Quicktime (*.mov, *.qt), RealMedia Variable Bitrate (*.RMVB), MPEG-4 Part 2 (including DivX, Xvid, FFmpeg MPEG-4, and 3ivx), MPEG-4 Part 10, H.263, VP6, Sorenson 3, Sorenson Spark, Theora (*.ogv), VC-1, x264
  • Playlist management

What's Next?

MediaCore is a complete Automotive Multimedia Middleware. Using our multimedia software platform for in-car devices makes it simple to stream and control popular devices with a single, unified API.
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MediaCore (car entertainment software) architecture
  • Complete Middleware — From hardware access to unified APIs for the HMI layer, MediaCore enables manufacturers to focus just on the user interfaces, building on top of the entire MediaCore stack
  • Unified API — MediaCore exposes a single API set for all connected devices, allowing a single application to be used for media control. MediaCore handles device recognition, while file routing is handled internally.
  • Complete Connectivity Suite — USB, Bluetooth, Local bus, Ethernet and Wifi support mean any connected device will be recognized and accessible via MediaCore
  • Integrated Database — allows for playlist creation, management and synchronization, while storing metadata within MediaCore. The integrated database allows for rapid file queries by location, in directory tree, or by file classification.
  • Device Manager — creates a unique handle for each connected device, allowing for multiplexing capabilities.
  • Advanced Protocol Support - MediaCore includes support for all Apple iPod and iPhone models as well as MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) for communication with MP3/MP4 players such as Sansa, Zen, iRiver, Sony and Samsung.
  • OS and Connectivity Stack Agnostic - although fully integrated with Jungo's USBware Host Stack and MediaCore can be easily ported to any operating system and proprietary/commercial USB and Bluetooth stacks.
  • Audio Playback - full integration with the operating system audio driver enables direct tunneling of audio streams off iPod devices, as well as buffering playback off MTP/MS devices.
  • Seamless Integration - with software-based and hardware-based media codecs.
  • User Mode Development — when implementing MediaCore in high-level operating systems such as Linux, the exposed API may be used in User Mode to shorten and simplify application development.
  • Multiple Devices Support - simultaneously control/access multiple connected devices to the media center.
  • Source Code available.
  • Intuitive API in C code.
  • Comprehensive Technical Support - provided by engineers who develop and maintain MediaCore.
  • Ideal for embedded designs.