Beta Testing for WinDriver GPUDirect

June 20, 2020

We are looking for additional customers who would like to test a new feature: NVIDIA GPUDirect support.

This new feature, currently supported only in Linux, allows Direct Memory Access (DMA) data transfers directly from your WinDriver-driven PCI device to an NVIDIA GPU (as opposed to a 2-step transfer: from the device to host’s memory, and from the host to the GPU memory), therefore highly improving transfer speeds and allowing integrating GPU-related applications with your WinDriver-driver PCI device.

The list of NVIDIA GPUs that currently support the GPUDirect feature can be found here:

Contact us if you would like to test this feature.

WinDriver v14.4 Coming Soon

WinDriver v14.4 will be released next month. Here are some new features that will appear in this version:

  • New PCIe: Added sample for Xilinx® DMA Subsystem for PCI Express® (QDMA)
  • WinDriver DMA improvements and bugs fixed

For additional information or support, contact us via email or via our Support Center.

Hardware Partners Wanted

Jungo is looking for new Hardware partners for WinDriver, to develop new features for newer hardware (Intel Arria 10 or Xilinx Ultrascale+, USB 3.0 …).

Please contact us if you are planning new projects on hardware and would like to be the first to receive WinDriver Support for Xilinx QDMA, advanced Arria 10 support and USB 3.0/1/2. We are happy to hear your requests.

Send us an email today.

WinDriver for Mac 

Mac developers – interested in expanding your business to Mac OSX as well?
This will not only be very cost effective to your business, but will also simplify your driver development process.

Contact us today to find out how this can be done.

Windows 7

Reminder – Microsoft’s free general support for Windows 7 has come to an end-of-life, so now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10. WinDriver will no longer provide support for Windows 7.

All need you to do is upgrade WinDriver new operating systems – it’s that easy!

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