Jungo’s advanced USB connectivity solutions are being used by Leadcore Technology of China, a leading provider of TD-SCDMA chipsets and terminal solutions, to provide short-range connectivity for Leadcore’s next-generation TD-LTE mobile broadband platforms.

LTE (full name – 3GPP Long Term Evolution) is a high-speed, wireless communications standard for mobile phones and data terminals. It increases the capacity and speed of the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA network technologies, using new modulation techniques.

Chipsets from Leadcore, a member of the Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group, are used by major terminal device manufacturers, including ZTE,Lenovo and Coolpad, and by telecommunications operators such as China Mobile. Jungo is providing Leadcore with advanced USB connectivity software stacks to support LTE bandwidth requirements. The extremely fast Jungo USB interface is capable of supporting bandwidth of up to 150Mbits/s.

The Jungo end-to-end solutions used by Leadcore are derived from, USBware and DriverCore, two existing and thoroughly field-tested USB software stacks. USBware™ is a complete, high-quality embedded USB software protocol stack, that enables device manufactures to easily incorporate standard, low-footprint USB connectivity in their designs, while DriverCore allows them to expose a variety of native communication interfaces via USB, irrespective of the platform or the deployed operating system.

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