WinDriver V11.7.0 by Jungo Connectivity the Driver Development experts, is now released.
Added support for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and more.
WinDriver customers with valid support are entitled for free upgrade to the new version.
New customers and customers without a valid support plan can download a 30 day evaluation version.

Version 11.7.0 (Release Date: October 26, 2014)

New Features
Windows CE: Added support for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (WEC2013) on x86 and ARM platforms.

Linux: Added support for newer kernel versions, up to v3.17.0.

USB: Added support for device serial-number querying to the USB diagnostics C sample code:
USB diagnostics library (usb_diag_lib) — new PrintDeviceSerialNumberByHandle() function
USB diagnostics application (usb_diag.c) — new Display device serial number menu option

Debug Monitor: Added an option to add timestamps to the log messages (wddebug and wddebug_gui), and GUI options to auto-save the log file and to add custom messages (wddebug_gui).

USB on Windows CE: Fixed a possible stream halt due to the filling of an internal buffer as a result of an abundance of short packets (issue since v10.0.1).
USB on Windows: Fixed a potential OS crash for a transfer with a very short timeout (issue since v9.0.0).