WinDriver V11.8.0 by Jungo Connectivity the Driver Development experts, is now released.
Added support for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and more.
WinDriver customers with valid support are entitled for free upgrade to the new version.
New customers and customers without a valid support plan can download a 30 day evaluation version.

Version 11.8.0 (Release Date: February 02, 2015)

New Features

PCI: Added APIs to scan for PCI capabilities (including specific PCI Express capabilities), and
added related functionality to the wdc_diag_lib and pci_diag sample code.


PCI: Improved the DriverWizard PCI configuration space dialog:

  • Ordered the registers by their actual addresses.
  • Added CardBus (PCI Header type 2) registers, PCI Express registers, and basic and extended (PCI Express) PCI capabilities registers.

PCI: Modified the WinDriver API to improve support for 64-bit addresses, including changes to the WD_ITEMS, WD_TRANSFER, and WDC_ADDR_DESC structures.

DriverWizard: Miscellaneous improvements to the wizard’s GUI, including a new License Request form and toolbar changes.


Linux PowerPC (PPC) 64-bit: Fixed the WinDriver license string registration (issue since v11.6.0)