WinDriver V11.9.0 by Jungo Connectivity the Driver Development experts, is now released.
Renamed the WinDriver driver module, added DriverWizard license online request submission and more.

WinDriver customers with valid support are entitled for free upgrade to the new version.
New customers and customers without a valid support plan can download a 30 day evaluation version.

Version 11.9.0 (Release Date: July 9, 2015)

New Features

  • Windows: Added support for Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10162.


  • Renamed the WinDriver driver module to add a WinDriver version indication —windrvr<version>.sys/ko/dll (e.g., windrvr1190.sys).
  • Linux: Added support for newer kernel versions, up to v4.1.1.
  • DriverWizard: Added a license-request data submission form to simplify the completion of the WinDriver order process.
  • DriverWizard: Added a Help menu option to check for WinDriver version updates.


  • Windows CE 2013: Fixed redirection of Debug Monitor debug messages to the OS kernel debugger (issue since v11.7.0).
  • Windows .NET: Fixed the length of the WinDriver license string in the .NET WinDriver API header file.
  • Windows CE: Eliminated a redundant set-interface call with alternate setting 0 after a set-configuration call.

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