WinDriver V12.1.0 by Jungo Connectivity the Driver Development experts, is now released.
IPC and Buffer sharing new features and more.

WinDriver customers with valid support are entitled for free upgrade to the new version.
New customers and customers without a valid support plan can download a 30 day evaluation version.

Version 12.1.0 (Release Date: January 6, 2016)

New Features

  • IPC – Added IPC (Inter Process Communication) between user processes using WinDriver infra-structure.
  • Buffer sharing – Added DMA and Kernel buffer sharing between multiple user-mode processes.
  • Linux: Added support for newer kernel versions, up to v4.3.3.

Please note that IPC and Buffer sharing features will not be included in the standard licensed version of WinDriver and will be licensed separately or as a bundle under the Server edition of WinDriver.


  • Linux & Windows: Rewritten the Shared-Buffer (Between User-mode driver and Kernel PlugIn) capability. It is now more resource-friendly (E.g. Allows non-contiguous allocation), and has far better chances to succeed. API was changed as well:
    WDC_SharedBufferAlloc/WDC_SharedBufferFree were renamed to WDS_SharedBufferAlloc/WDS_SharedBufferFree.
  • PCI: Added DMA memory allocation to pci_diag sample code.
  • Windows: Added samples support (+ Code generation) for MS Visual Studio 2013 & 2015.


  • Windows: Fix alignment issue of WDC_ADDR_DESC in WinDriver Kernel Plugin (issue since v11.8.0).
  • Linux: Fixed compilation issue of Kernel Plugin on Linux versions >= 4 (issue since v12.0.0).
  • PCI on Windows: Kernel address of pre-allocated buffer was NULL after contiguous DMA lock (issue since v6.0.0).
  • Linux: Samples and Driver can now run with an older versions of glibc (DriverWizard still cannot) (issue since v11.8.0).
  • Linux 64-bit: Fixed DriverWizard possible startup-crash (issue since v11.8.0).
  • Linux 32-bit: Fixed Kernel PlugIn compilation error.
  • WinCE2013 USB: Fixed an incorrect data reads from isochronous pipe (issue since v11.7.0).

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