Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are changing the way consumers interact with their smartphones in the car, bringing navigation, telephony and multimedia directly from the phone.

To allow quick and robust integration of these technologies, Jungo has launched the MediaCore Android Auto and CarPlay Subsystem, dedicated specifically to the projected smartphone experience in the car. Jungo’s software drastically reduces the complexity involved in integrating CarPlay and Android Auto into automotive infotainment systems.

With a simplified high level API to support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Jungo provides tier 1 customers with super-fast time to market, guaranteed interoperability and future updates to support new iOS/Android versions as well as new features from Apple and Google as they come along.

Benefits include:

  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Guaranteed certification with Apple and Google
  • Interoperability testing and updates
  • Simplified high-level API for both technologies
  • Internal handling of complex protocol idiosyncrasies
  • Support for all major infotainment SoC  and OSes
  • Support for legacy Apple/Android protocols (iAP1, iAP2, MTP, AOAP)
  • System level integration (e.g Audio routing, Video management)
  • Support for tailored branding (as available)
  • Support for voice control
  • Field proven and robust
  • Highly portable

The Jungo car connectivity protocols have been deployed in millions of cars, thoroughly tested with thousands of phones versions, and selected by leading tier 1’s and OEMs, creating the most complete and reliable software stack for car connectivity applications.