WinDriver™ PCI for Windows automates and simplifies the development of user mode Windows device drivers for PCI / PCIe (PCI express). No DDK knowledge or kernel level programming required.

WinDriver for Windows Desktop Supported Platforms

Windows 11 /Windows 10 / Windows 8/ Windows Server 2022 / Server 2019/ Server 2016  32 bit or 64 bit (x64: AMD64 and Intel EM64T) processor (Legacy Version Windows 7 & XP)

WinDriver for WinCE Supported Platforms

  • An x86 / MIPS / ARM Windows CE 4.x–7.0 (.NET) target platform
  • WinCE 2013 — WEC 2013 8.0 for x86 and ARM
  • For Windows CE 4.x–6.0 — Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ with a corresponding target SDK, or Microsoft Platform Builder with a corresponding BSP (Board Support Package) for the target platform; also required for Windows Mobile 6.0 — Microsoft Visual Studio (MSDEV) .NET 2005

WinDriver for Linux Supported Platforms

  • x86 32-bit, x86 64-bit (x86_64: AMD64).
  • Supported Linux kernel (including embedded Linux):
    • For x86 32-bit architectures: Linux kernel 2.6-5.18.2
    • For x86 64-bit architectures: Linux kernel 2.6-5.18.2
    • PCI / PCIe
  • Any 32-bit or 64-bit development environment (depending on your target platform) supporting C.

Jungo’s professional services unit provides a complete Windows Hardware Certification (aka WHQL) submission service for WinDriver customers.

Quick Start Guides:

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