Jungo Connectivity is a software company that develops innovative in-cabin monitor systems for the automotive markets. Jungo products are robust, high quality to deliver and accurate results. 

The company’s Quality Policy encompasses one main goal: 

Customer Care. Jungo employees and distributors are fully aware of the company’s Quality Policy to continuously improve customer satisfaction by improving product quality, solving customer problems, applying new technology and responding to customer needs quickly and professionally. In order to achieve the goal of comprehensive customer care, Jungo provides its clients with:

  • High quality products: In-cabin monitor solution and Driver development toolkit products are tested to meet high levels of accuracy and reliability. Jungo software products comply with all required and related international standards and regulations.
  • On Time Delivery: Jungo strives for efficiency by maintaining “just in time” production – thereby assuring that the customer is supplied when orders are placed.
  • Quality Customer Care: Jungo strives for efficiency and accuracy in addressing customer questions or problems. A triage system utilizes the expertise of in-house professionals trained to answer questions and address failures quickly and efficiently.

Jungo believes that delivering quality is a team effort dependent on the expertise, commitment and dedication of the entire Jungo team, accurate and comprehensive work procedures, and the application of advanced technology based on the following principles:

  • Human Resources – The management of Jungo understands that the company is only as good as the team behind it. Therefore Jungo strives to promote professional development and insists on professional and personal integrity.  
  • Best practices – The management of Jungo is committed to implementing, maintaining and improving all aspects of communication – work instructions, policies, procedures and an operative framework that is simple to understand and applicable to the situation. The company realizes this is an important foundation for guaranteeing a high quality product and customer and employee satisfaction
  • Resources – The Jungo management recognizes that the foundation for building a quality product also is dependent on providing the best resources the company can afford. Related software product and sub-contractors are selected through a team effort and evaluated on an ongoing basis for reliability and quality. Both software algorithms and vendors who do not meet the company quality standards are replaced.