Jungo Connectivity‘s professional services unit provides a complete Windows Certification Program (previously known as WHQL) submission service for WinDriver and DriverCore customers.
All the required tests are performed by professional Jungo Connectivity engineers in the company’s dedicated lab, relieving customers of the expense and stress of in-house testing.

Test results are packaged by Jungo Connectivity in the required format and delivered to the customer for submission.

The driver signature certification is the means Microsoft has chosen of ensuring compatibility with its Windows operating systems. It aims to reduce driver and device conflicts by encouraging vendors to develop Windows-compatible drivers.

Why Windows Certification Program?

The release signature certification is part of Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Lab Kit(HLK) aka Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK)  .

The benefits of joining the program include

  • Elimination of user warnings during installation (silent installation)
  • Drivers can be distributed via Microsoft’s Windows Update service
  • Inclusion in Microsoft’s Hardware Compatibility List
  • Microsoft-approved QA standards
  • Superior end-user experience and overall satisfaction

Setting up the complex testing environment required for Windows Certification Program tests can be a costly and daunting task for unfamiliar users. Jungo provides the necessary facilities and resources as part of its professional services packages to WinDriver and DriverCore customers.

Jungo’s dedicated Windows Certification Program testing lab and highly experienced engineering staff ensure that all tests and submission requirements are performed accurately and according to specification. The submission package includes certification test result for the WinDriver- and/or DriverCore-based host drivers.

Once the submission has been approved by Microsoft, the drivers are certified as Windows Certification Program-tested and the vendor entitled to display Windows Certification Program trademarks on its products.

Devices submitted to Jungo for Windows Certification Program testing undergo a rigorous testing process in a test environment built to Windows Certification Program specifications. The tests include:

  • Device Path Exerciser Test (Certification)
  • Plug and Play Driver Test (Certification)
  • Sleep and PNP (disable and enable) with IO Before and After
  • Embedded Signature Verification Test
  • Device Install Check For Other Device Stability
  • Verify Driver Load Order Group is not WdfLoadGroup
  • Device Driver INF Verification Test (Certification)
  • Concurrent Hardware And Operating System (CHAOS) Test
  • Device Install Check For File System Consistency
  • Reinstall with IO Before and After
  • Driver Memory Test
  • DevFund INF Test
  • PCI Root Port Surprise Remove Test (PCI devices only)
  • DevFund Broker Test
  • TDI filters and LSPs are not allowed

Once all the tests are successfully completed, the Windows Certification Programsubmission package is prepared by Jungo and delivered to the client for submission to Microsoft or the package is submitted to Microsoft and only the signed driver s with certification report tis provided.

Having Jungo conduct Windows Certification Program device and driver testing is extremely cost effective because:

  • WinDriver (USB / PCI / PCIe) and DriverCore customers are not required to set up a costly testing environment.
  • Customers do not require any knowledge of testing procedures.
  • Customers do not require any knowledge of driver submitting procedures if purchased together with Jungo digital signing services (TurnKey solution)
  • Jungo provides a professional service which is highly efficient and provides very quick turn-around.