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Feature Description Benefit
High Speed Digital Media Transfer From USB Storage Devices Store and manage media content from any USB peripheral including digital cameras, mobile phones or thumb drives and allow viewers to stream them directly into their HDTV Reduce churn by storing customer digital media on the set top box
High Speed Export of Digital Media To Go Transfer digitally recorder movies, music and pictures to any PDA, MP3 player or PVR, taking advantage of USB 2.0 high speed communication, Isochronous transfers and MTP specification to manage digital content Increase ARPU by enabling media download to mobile devices
Consolidation of Interfaces into USB Adopt a single interface for all requirements, including media transfers, modem (VOD) communications, image burning and others; Replace legacy interfaces (e.g. FireWire) into standard high speed USB Simplify usage, minimize number of connectors, and reduce overall device BOM
Hardware and Operating System Agnostic Architecture Support multiple hardware architectures, operating systems and USB IP Cores/controllers, including support for ASIC and FPGA based USB cores along with external ULPI transceivers Preserve your development investment towards next generation designs; Use the same USB solution on multiple platforms; Increase flexibility for future designs
Optimized for Embedded Devices Featuring high performance, power management, feature rich (including Audio/Video classes support), support for variety of hardware platforms, quality and field proven solution Reduce time to market, project risks and overall costs
Broad Communication Capabilities Drivers for WiFi dongles, 3G datacards and 4G modems
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