8.2  Developing a Driver Using the Enhanced Chipset Support

When developing a driver for a device based on one of the enhanced-support chipsets [8.1], you can use WinDriver's chipset-set specific support by following these steps:

  1. Locate the sample diagnostics program for your device under the WinDriver/chip_vendor/chip_name directory.

    Most of the sample diagnostics program names are derived from the sample's main purpose (e.g., download_sample for a firmware download sample) and their source code can be found directly under the specific chip_name directory.

  2. Run the custom diagnostics program to diagnose your device and familiarize yourself with the options provided by the sample program.
  3. Use the source code of the diagnostics program as your skeletal device driver and modify the code, as needed, to suit your specific development needs. When modifying the code, you can utilize the custom WinDriver API for your specific chip. The custom API is typically found under the WinDriver/chip_vendor/lib directory.