6.4  Developing in Visual Basic and Delphi

The entire WinDriver API can be used when developing drivers in Visual Basic and Delphi.

6.4.1  Using DriverWizard

DriverWizard can be used to diagnose your hardware and verify that it is working properly before you start coding. You can then proceed to automatically generate source code with the wizard in a variety of languages, including Delphi and Visual Basic. For more information, refer to Chapter 5 and Section 6.4.3 below.

6.4.2  Samples

Samples for drivers written using the WinDriver API in Delphi or Visual Basic can be found in:

  1. WinDriver\delphi\samples
  2. WinDriver\vb\samples

Use these samples as a starting point for your own driver.

6.4.3  Creating your Driver

The method of development in Visual Basic is the same as the method in C using the automatic code generation feature of DriverWizard.

Your work process should be as follows:

  • Use DriverWizard to easily diagnose your hardware.
  • Verify that it is working properly.
  • Generate your driver code.
  • Integrate the driver into your application.
  • You may find it useful to use the WinDriver samples to get to know the WinDriver API and as your skeletal driver code.