4.4  Checking Your Installation

4.4.1  Windows and Linux Installation Check

  1. Start DriverWizard – <path to WinDriver>/wizard/wdwizard. On Windows you can also run DriverWizard from the Start menu: Start | Programs | WinDriver | DriverWizard.
  2. If you are a registerd user, make sure that your WinDriver license is registered (refer to section 4.2, which explains how to install WinDriver and register your license).
    If you are an evaluation version user, you do not need to register a license.

4.4.2  Windows CE Installation Check

  1. Copy the console-mode Debug Monitor utility – WinDriver\util\wddebug\<TARGET_CPU>\wddebug.exe – from the host Windows machine to a directory on your target Windows CE device.
  2. Run the Debug Monitor with the status command on the target device:
    wddebug.exe status
    If the windriver installation was successful, the application will display information regarding the Debug Monitor version and current status, the running WinDriver kernel module, and general system information.