Chapter 3. Low-Level WD_xxx Interrupt Functions

This chapter describes low-level WD_xxx PCI/ISA WinDriver functions.

It is recommended to use the API from WinDriver's WDC library, which provides convenient wrappers to the basic WD_xxx PCI/ISA API (see the WinDriver PCI Manual).
If you decide not to use the WDC API, consider using the high-level InterruptEnable() [2.17] and InterruptDisable() [2.18] functions instead of directly using the low-level functions described below.

3.1. WinDriver Low-Level Interrupt Calling Sequence

The following is a typical calling sequence of the WinDriver API, used for servicing interrupts. The InterruptEnable() and InterruptDisable() functions enable interrupt handling in a more convenient manner.

Figure 3.1. Low-Level WinDriver Interrupt API Calling Sequence

Low-Level WinDriver Interrupt API Calling Sequence