WinDriver™ PCI/ISA Low-Level API Reference

Jungo Connectivity Ltd.

Version 14.6.0

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Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. WD_xxx PCI/ISA Functions
2.1. API Calling Sequence — PCI/ISA
2.2. WD_PciScanCards()
2.3. WD_PciScanCaps()
2.4. WD_PciGetCardInfo()
2.5. WD_PciConfigDump()
2.6. WD_CardRegister()
2.7. WD_CardCleanupSetup()
2.8. WD_CardUnregister()
2.9. WD_Transfer()
2.10. WD_MultiTransfer()
2.11. WD_DMALock()
2.12. WD_DMAUnlock()
2.13. WD_KernelBufLock()
2.14. WD_KernelBufUnlock()
2.15. WD_DMASyncCpu()
2.16. WD_DMASyncIo()
2.17. InterruptEnable()
2.18. InterruptDisable()
3. Low-Level WD_xxx Interrupt Functions
3.1. WinDriver Low-Level Interrupt Calling Sequence
3.2. WD_IntEnable()
3.3. WD_IntWait()
3.4. WD_IntCount()
3.5. WD_IntDisable()
4. Plug-and-Play and Power Management Functions
4.1. Calling_Sequence
4.2. PciEventCreate()
4.3. EventRegister()
4.4. EventUnregister()
5. General WD_xxx Functions
5.1. Calling Sequence WinDriver — General Use
5.2. WD_Open()
5.3. WD_Version()
5.4. WD_Close()
5.5. WD_Debug()
5.6. WD_DebugAdd()
5.7. WD_DebugDump()
5.8. WD_Sleep()
5.9. WD_License()
6. Kernel PlugIn User-Mode Functions
6.1. WD_KernelPlugInOpen()
6.2. WD_KernelPlugInClose()
6.3. WD_KernelPlugInCall()
6.4. WD_IntEnable()
A. WinDriver Status Codes
A.1. Introduction
A.2. Status Codes Returned by WinDriver
B. Troubleshooting and Support
C. Purchasing WinDriver
D. Additional Documentation

List of Figures

2.1. WinDriver PCI/ISA Calling Sequence
3.1. Low-Level WinDriver Interrupt API Calling Sequence
4.1. Plug-and-Play Calling Sequence
5.1. WinDriver-API Calling Sequence