Support & Upgrade Subscription Terms

Support and Upgrade Subscription Terms
 Support & Upgrade Subscription

The Support & Upgrade Subscription entitles you to the following services:

  • 12-month period of first priority technical support regarding all issues, including -
    • Implementation (e.g. interrupt handling, DMA, USB transfers etc.)
    • Improving performance
    • Driver design
    • Advanced topics
    • Installation & Setup
    • Licensing
    • Distribution
  • Free upgrades to all released versions.

Price Levels:

  • Renewal within valid subscription -
    Discounted price, when subscribing with a product purchase or within an active subscription period.
  • Renewal outside valid subscription -
    Regular price, when purchased out of an active Support & Upgrade Subscription.

To purchase/upgrade Support Subscription — visit our online store.

 Complimentary Support & Upgrade

Jungo provides you with two months of free complimentary support, upon purchasing one of our products.

You are entitled to a discounted price, if you choose to extend your support package to a full year during these two months.

The support period will begin from the date you have purchased the product.

Two months Complimentary Support & Upgrade services include:

  • Technical support regarding the following issues -
    • Installation & Setup
    • Licensing
    • Distribution
  • Free upgrades to new version releases.
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