Technical Document #117

Technical Document #117
WinDriver USB API Version Changes

In general, we strive to keep the WinDriver API backward compatible, in the sense that code developed with an earlier version can be ported to a newer version by simply rebuilding the code with the new header files and a new license string. In most cases old code should work without changes (except for the license string update) with the headers and driver from a newer version. However, in some cases we decided there are compelling reasons that justify changes to existing APIs. This document outlines such changes to the WinDriver USB APIs made in different versions of WinDriver, and guides you in porting your old code to use the updated APIs.

  • This document is specific to the WinDriver USB API. For WinDriver PCI/ISA API upgrade information, refer to Technical Document #116.
  • This document is specific to required code updates in light changes to older API versions.
    We strongly recommend that you make additional code updates to utilize relevant API additions and enhancements that may have been made in the newer versions of WinDriver, as outlined in the WinDriver release notes and documented in the WinDriver User's Manual of the new version.
    For full instructions on how to upgrade to a newer WinDriver version, refer to Technical Document #84.

Read the API changes information for all WinDriver versions that are newer from your current version:

WinDriver v6.0.0 USB API Changes

In v6.0.0 we completely replaced the WD_xxx WinDriver USB API with a new WDU_xxx API, in order to support event-driven transfers between your user-mode USB application and USB devices (in contrast to earlier versions, in which USB devices were initialized and controlled using a specific sequence of function calls).
When upgrading from v5.2.2 or earlier of WinDriver, you will need to change your code to use the WDU APIs. Refer to the updated API reference in the WinDriver USB User's Manual of the new version.