Technical Document #13

Technical Document #13
What is the wddebug Debug Monitor utility and how can I use it?

WinDriver's Debug Monitor is an application program that logs detailed debugging information from the WinDriver kernel. wddebug (found in the WinDriver/util directory) is a console-mode version of this utility, for Windows, Windows CE (a.k.a. Windows Embedded Compact), and Linux, (and in earlier WinDriver versions — for Mac OS X, Solaris, and VxWorks as well). wddebug also supports GUI execution on Windows CE.
The Debug Monitor has an additional version — wddebug_gui — which is a fully GUI version for Windows and Linux (and in earlier WinDriver versions — for Mac OS X as well). For a description of wddebug_gui refer to Technical Document #12 and to the WinDriver User's Manuals.

wddebug CLI usage

wddebug is normally executed from a command-line interface (CLI):
wddebug [<driver_name>] [<command>] [<level>] [<sections>]

For full usage instructions, run wddebug help (or wddebug without arguments — on Windows and Linux).
For more detailed information, refer to the WinDriver User's Manuals.

wddebug Windows CE GUI usage

To enable debug logging on Windows CE platforms that do not have a command-line prompt, beginning with version 10.0.1 of WinDriver wddebug also has a GUI version: If you double-click the wddebug executable, or run it from a command-line prompt without any arguments, a GUI message box informs you that the debug messages will be stored in a predetermined log file — wdlog.txt in the root Windows CE directory. If you select to continue, debug logging is turned on with trace level TRACE and debug sections ALL, and the Debug Monitor begins dumping debug messages to the wdlog.txt log file. You can stop the logging and turn off debug logging, at any time, via a dedicated GUI message box.